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Engineering Services

From hand-held instruments to multimedia devices, Buffer Inc has what you need to develop and bring your product to market.

But itís not just about development.. Itís about INNOVATION...

Whether itís utilizing a highly optimized interrupt driven state-machine in assembler language or developing an embedded Linux platform, Buffer Inc can do it all.

We have a highly experienced, talented and dedicated group of designers and also maintain an arsenal of some of the best subcontracted consultants in the industry.


With over 20 years of industry experience, our team is deeply engaged with all key platform suppliers. Buffer Incís close working relationships with factory personnel, both management and technical will ensure quick resolutions when any roadblocks arise.

Our experience includes: 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit Micro-Controllers/Processors, DSPs, SOC and FPGAs.


Itís a dangerous world and preparing to thwart Cyber hacking is a given, but direct and even near field (RF) hacking are growing at an alarming rate. Making sure that your product is secure is an absolute and itís not as easy as dropping in a commercial, off the shelf program.

Remember.. Advanced security ALWAYS needs to be customized. Whether itís securing a minimalistic TCP/IP stack or implementing the advanced capabilities of the NSAís hardened Linux kernel (SeLinux).

Thatís where we come in...

Embedded security, at all layers, is an area in which we excel. Our experience, knowledge and abilities will enable you to determine the scope of whatís needed and differentiate your product from the competition.


Being tied to one microcontroller or micro-processor can limit you in many ways. Bufferís multi-layer programming methodology allows easy integration and re-use across multiple and future platforms. This will enable you to expand your product offering with ease and also greatly improve your time to market.


Buffer Incís team has been taking products to market, from design through to production for over a decade.

We will build your prototypes and even coordinate contract manufacturing services, providing a complete ďGet your product to marketĒ solution.

A seamless approach from concept to revenue is what we offer, so just select the GET STARTED WITH BUFFER button below and we can see if partnering with Buffer Inc. makes sense for you!


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